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Industrial Dampers and Expansion Joints

Designing, building and installing industrial dampers and expansion joints exactly to your specifications is our priority.

EFFOX Flextor is the market leader in dampers and expansion joints in Canada. You can contact our leading sales team in Cambridge Ontario.

EFFOX Flextor has its Canadian Headquarters in a modern fully-equipped building located in a major industrial park south of the city of Montreal, Canada delivering high quality, custom engineered to order dampers and expansion joints to all sectors of industry.

The EFFOX Division housed in a 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing building and situated on a 15 acre site is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. and the EFFOX is a proud brand manufacturing quality dampers and expansion joints for 3 decades.

A dedicated staff of mechanical engineers design and submit your proposals using proprietary in-house software, and construct industrial dampers to demanding thermal and mechanical requirements. We design in Solid Edge 3D computer aided design.

With much of the engineering work done in advance, you get an extremely accurate representation of the final unit right at the proposal stage.

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