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EFFOX Flextor offers a complete line of heavy-duty expansion joints for high temperature applications such as Gas Turbine, FGD, SCR and other heavy-duty industrial applications.

Some of the unique design features of the EFFOX Flextor expansion joint are flow liners, insulating pillows, and dust barriers.

EFFOX Flextor expansion joints are carefully designed to any insulated configuration, internal or external. For very high temperature applications a range of options is available including; cold frame to cold frame, hot-to-cold and hot-to-hot.

Liner configurations offered by Flextor range from simple liner designs, to complex "floating liner" type designs. Let us share our expertise with you to configure expansion joints tough enough to withstand your harsh environment.

Choice of fabrics is crucial in the design of your expansion joints. Our expansion joints are chosen and preferred for the Power Industry, SCR systems, cement plants, smelting, and many other demanding industrial process applications, ranging from EPDM, to the latest multi-layered composite materials.

Other options available on Flextor expansion joints include personnel shrouds for OSHA requirements, and compression bars for easy removal and re-insertion of the joint during shut-downs and maintenance outages.


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