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What is the average life one can expect from a damper?

Engineering Consultants who specify our units often ask what will be the life of an industrial damper or expansion joint in the particular operating environment.

This is a very good question. With regular maintenance such as lubrication of the mechanism we see dampers operating for 20 years and more.

Yearly inspection of linkages and blade thickness is recommended. Our service people can provide an evaluation for your existing dampers. Call us if in doubt.

What is the average life one can expect from an expansion joint?

Properly selected an expansion joint can last for many, many years. Generally with heat and abrasion the replaceable pillow might wear. When this is the case simply re-ordering the pillow material and re-installing will mean you can continue for as new for many years.

When should I use a guillotine and when a louver or butterfly?

For a positive tight shut off the guillotine damper is your best choice. For a fast acting damper with some modulation a butterfly can do the job. For fast acting damper with more modulation consider a louver damper.

See the matrix below that summarizes some of this:

EFFOX damper matrix

Can a diverter damper be throttled for a smooth change on line?

We have diverter dampers doing exactly that -- on-line modulation of HRSGs as large as Frame 7. The control mechanism and sensitivity of the turbine is the key. Call us to discuss.

How can I reduce the noise of stack dampers?

FlexShock TM shock absorbers are a proven design to reduce blade slamming and noise. The speed is slowed right at the end of the closing cycle to close quietly. Call us to discuss.

What kind of damper is used for high dust loading applications?

Generally guillotine dampers are a good performer in high dust as it can scrape and push through dust accumulation.

In addition we can provide a blow-off configuration for high dust-loading environments. EFFOX Flextor proprietary FlexClean design can manage the most demanding high dust applications.


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