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Heavy-Duty Guillotine Dampers


Heavy Duty Guillotine Dampers are the mainstay of process air and gas moving duct systems. Guillotine dampers are used when tight shut-off is required to isolate certain sections of a flue gas or duct system.

EFFOX Flextor understands the stringent performance requirements of Guillotine Dampers.

We can provide Open-bonnet, Enclosed bonnet, and 100% isolation with seal-air fans.

EFFOX Flextor has supplied mansafe guillotine dampers in ducting sizes as large as 25' high by 16' wide. Our zero-leakage designs have been air tested as high as 3 PSI and hydro tested at 60 PSI for structural integrity. EFFOX Flextor guillotine dampers are performing in some of the most demanding environments one can imagine. In high-dust loading cement plants or high corrosive applications in coal-fired power plants.


Reliable and smooth rack & pinion design

Every EFFOX Flextor guillotine damper comes with the proven and robust FlexRak™ Rack & Pinion design. The FlexRak™ design may cost a bit more but is far superior in terms of reliability and adds . Designing in oversized motors and precise seat materials always guarantee a reliable and smooth operation of the guillotine blade throughout it's complete stroke.

EFFOX Flextor guillotine dampers deliver one of the most reliable, gas-tight shut-offs in the market. Using FlexTite™ high flexibility seating arrangements our Guillotines can provide a shut-off, as much as 99.9 percent of flow -- without the use of seal air fans.

Where no leakage is absolutely required EFFOX Flextor uses seal air fans in conjunction with fully enclosed bonnets, and pressurized seals.

Furthermore the FlexTite™ design only requires that seal-air fans be operated when the guillotine blade is in the closed position saving energy.

For ease of shipping and receiving, all Flextor dampers are designed to be shipped in compact modules.

Our dampers are fully assembled and pre-tested in our ISO 9001 facility. Then they are disassembled and match-marked for shipping and ease in reassembly.


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