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Heavy Duty Louver Dampers


Louver dampers must control flow in some of the most critical systems where high heat and abrasion as well as as corrosive gases may be present.

Where precise flow control is required, EFFOX Flextor can offer you a complete line of heavy-duty louver and radial vane dampers.

Louver dampers are generally used in rectangular duct systems to control and regulate the flow of air or gas in duct systems.

EFFOX Flextor have as many options as you can think of-- single louvers, double louvers, opposed blades, double louver dampers. Double skin louver dampers utilizing seal air to pressurize the blade cavity provides zero leakage for critical applications.

With opposed blade dampers each blade travels in a different rotation then its adjacent blade. Because of this the opposed has good linear flow control characteristics for flow modulation.

Another type of rectangular louver damper is a parallel bladed damper. Here the flow control doesn’t approach linearity until above 30%. They are best used for isolation ie. ON or OFF. They are ideal as Inlet Louver dampers to fans (that have an Inlet Box) as the Inlet Louver Dampers (or ILDs) induce a “Pre-Swirl” to optimize the fan performance at reduced flows. This offers good control and saves fan motor energy.


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